The COMAX II Laser Level Gauge System

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COMAX II Laser Level System

The COMAX II Laser Level System uses a reflected laser beam to precisely measure, and maintain the glass level in your melting tank. Very simply, the COMAX II "shoots" a laser beam into your melting tank that reflects off the surface of your molten glass. This reflected beam is then monitored by a receiving unit that precisely measures your glass level to within +/- .002". You get dependable glass level measurement and feedback control, so you can make a higher quality glass product, with less downtime and waste.

Plus, the COMAX II Laser Level System requires virtually no maintenance.The entire system is housed outside the melting tank. Only the "beam" of the laser enters the tank! It provides non-contact, non-hazardous glass level measurement, without the maintenance troubles of an in-tank sensor.

This accurate, dependable system will repay you many times over in better quality glass and reduced maintenance.

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